Job Summary


Mission: As a Contact Center Supervisor at Qualfon, you will lead a team of dedicated contact center associates, ensuring the best performance, employee engagement and development, and client satisfaction. This role spans three critical dimensions: Mentor, Manager, and Messenger upholding the STRIDES values of Service, Teamwork, Results, Integrity, Dignity, Encouragement, and Spirituality, and demonstrating by example the four agreements at Qualfon to Keep-Commitments, Add-Value, Move-Fast, and Spend-Wisely. 

Dimensions of Leadership:

1.    Mentor: Help others succeed in their personal and company goals. Know and understand each team member and ensure that all persons are supported to reach their full potential. Works on improving his/her own knowledge, skills, and abilities.

      o Coaching and Development:

  • Provide ongoing coaching and guidance to contact center agents for excellence.
  • Comply with Coaching, Quality Performance Metrics (QPM), and Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) policies and procedures.
  • Assist team members in discovering their total vocation and support their growth.
  • Create a positive learning environment, providing regular feedback and facilitating ongoing skill development.

Qualfon Mission Leaders, as Mentors, prioritize integrity. They nurture individual growth, treat others with respect, and uphold ethical standards while also complying with the laws of each country, state, or region where Qualfon operates.


2.    Manager: Make sure that we meet our responsibilities and deliver results to the best of our abilities. 

     o Client and Internal KPIs:

  • Attending client Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and internal KPIs, such as Attendance and Attrition.
  • Assists Quality Assurance Review (QAR) in conducting Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and participates in the activities initiated by QAR for the improvement of the team’s performance.
  • Analyze workflows to identify areas for improvement, streamlining processes to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Uphold Qualfon standards by monitoring interactions, ensuring adherence to scripts and providing constructive feedback to the agents. Regularly update and maintain coaching scorecards. 

Qualfon Mission Leaders, as Managers, prioritize results and teamwork. They manage the resources entrusted to them, emphasizing the importance of reaching targets for profitability.

3.    Messenger: Represent Qualfon in a professional manner. Work to create a positive environment.

     o Communication and Team Building:

  • Communicate clearly across all channels and platforms.
  • Conduct regular team meetings and huddles for center updates.
  • Provide timely KPI updates and coaching logs.
  • Promote transparent communication between agents, management, and other departments, addressing concerns and fostering collaboration.
  • Represent your team's needs and successes to senior management.

Qualfon Mission Leaders, as Messengers, prioritize constant encouragement and active listening.  They execute mission-driven communication, positive problem-solving, clear expression, and empathetic listening. 

Area of expertise (Skills)


Minimum Requirements:

  • High School Diploma (required); college degree or some college coursework (preferred).
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Proficiency in computer literacy.
  • Analytical and logical thinking abilities.
  • Strong planning and organizational skills.
  • At least 1 year (2 years preferred) of team leadership experience in a contact center setting, or completion of Qualfon Supervisor certification and On-The-Job-Training.

Other Skills and Experiences (Min)