Job Summary

As a Mentor..
Community Service Projects Give@Work Vertical
Works closely with the Site Director to assure he:
- Promotes an environment where people are involved beyond what their daily work duties require of them and actively participate in
supporting the needs of our communities.
- Volunteers (feed the poor, orphanages, shelters, schools, Haven for Hope, etc.)
- Supports local charity organizations (Habitat for Humanity, etc.)
- Supports local faith communities (local churches, missions, donations, etc.)
- Volunteers recognition
- Promotes Boys and Girls Club
- Gets Sacré Coeur TEFL certification in
English as a second language (where

As a Manager
Manage the donations program.

- Reviews and supervises documentation needed for donation requests
- Analyses case by case
- Proposes and makes decisions about donations to be given in alliance with Chairman & Chief Mission Officer
- Follow up to process and deliver donations and keep control
- Maintains testimonials evidence, pictures,
receipts, etc.

Budget and reports
KPIs tracking

- Prepares and consolidates with the global team the annual budget,
- Reviews monthly budgets with the global team and approved their requirements into the PS. Responsible to keep control of budgets per site.
- Responsible to prepare the Mission Office Monthly Expenses Report
- Prepares different types of reports (Finance, travel reports, expenses report etc.)
- Keep control of the cost savings and participate in the meetings
- KPIs tracking

Administrative Tasks
- Responsible for all the travel arrangements and expenses for the Corporate team as needed 

As Messenger
- Promotes Mission Office image.
- Worthily represents Mission and their Mission and Vision.
- Promotes and maintains strategic relationships necessary to optimize the work of the Mission with the various local and national government bodies and other local, national, ONG´s relevant international
- Represents the Mission to charitable organizations.
- Public Relations with His Way at Work network, Churches and other institutions.


Area of expertise (Skills)

  • Communication skills, Humanitarian activities, events organization.
  • Social labor and advanced Excel proficient.

Other Skills and Experiences (Min)

Needs 5 years or more work experience in a related field.


Bachelor Degree in College Graduated of Psychology, Pedagogy, Philosophy or any related science course