Job Summary

Carries out the goals of the Qualfon Chaplains Program.
- Builds caring relationships with all Qualfon employees aligned with
Qualfon’s and Qualfon Vision and Mission 

- Participates and contributes in projects related to the service of Chaplaincy:
- Facilitates the celebration of the sacraments as appropriate to his or her religious status.
- Organizes worship services in creative and ecumenical ways.
- Provides religious and spiritual guidance to all Qualfon employees.
- Regularly (as determined by goals and objectives) visits to those in greatest need.
- Serves the families of deceased employees as required by follow-up
- Establishes positive relationships within all the company members.
- Keeps records as required.
- Initiates and maintains communication with religious and social institutions as needed.

Provides orientation for the spiritual and emotional needs of all  employees and their families.
- Offers prayer and reflection.
- Ensure that all employees receive the assistance and support of the company in their personal situations meaning:
- Visits to business
- Medical visits
- Contacts
- Pages
- Calls after working hours
- Calling employee homes
- Care Sessions
- Prayer days
- Visits to court
- Visits to Jail
- Funerals
- Weddings
- Professions of faith
- Recommitments
- Gospel presentations
- Completing Compass Series
- Assists employees to fully understand the purpose and meaning of life, sizing the value of spirituality to achieve their goals.
- Attends continuing Chaplain training

Attends requests of orientation from other departments.
- Rounds in company facility (striving to make contact with every employee).
- Be available to respond any request of orientation.

 Promotes the values of the company both inside and outside.
- Promotes together with the Mission Office, the Qualfon values.
- Participates in the organization and implementation of the Mission Office events.
Contributes to Company Goals and Objectives.
- Participates in committees,
conferences, etc. to enhance the bound
of chaplain program with other Mission
Office staff and company areas.

Reports delivery
- Prepares and present to Local Chaplaincy Leader and Mission Office
an activity report including status, council provided and next steps (work
- Immediately informs to Local Chaplaincy Leader and Mission Office
Caring Coordinator, when the integrity of an employee or the company is being threatened.
- Completes Monthly Activity Reports (send to company  representatives)
- Complete Monthly Expense Report
- Participate in local chaplains’ meetings, prayer time, planning, etc.

Area of expertise (Skills)

2 years of Pastoral activities: catechist, missionary, Seminary Education
* Ecumenical Training

Other Skills and Experiences (Min)

  • Pastoral certification
  • Biblical Studies


Bachelor Degree